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Someday, Kathleene's 19-yr old granddaughter Linay, a sophomore at Texas Tech, will be a bride.  Linay's story of her determination to remain abstinent, despite peer pressure from the guys she dates, will appear in the second book of the
Brides Wearing White series,
entitled  Struggles Within.


The following are from the Sabinal GBP Event:

     I loved the stories you shared with us!  You are awesome!  Thank you for what you do!
     I loved how she gave vivid details...her they were all true...that there are still people out there that are like us....
     I loved the wonderful stories that you shared today and how we can be ladylike and act the right way.


Thank you so much for talking to us tonight.  My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and 2 months and have made a vow to stay sexually pure. THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT.

This lesson made me want to wait.  I know my limits and how far I will go (kissing), but hearing these stories made me want to stand by my decisions.

I really liked the stories of the guys/girls that waited and I'm gonna remember to stand my ground.

I honestly thought this presentation was going to be very lame, but it was VERY GOOD!

The stories you told were amazing.  I enjoyed how you told us about your personal story.  I feel like this presentation left a BIG impact.

I think you're doing the right thing by making these presentations.  I know many girls have been through pressure and failed.  But by your stories and speeches I rethink everything.

                   Kathleene Runnels
BRIDES WEARING WHITE intriguingly tells seven true stories of real life young ladies who fall in and out of love, meet dating challenges, experiences personal growth, and confront the screaming pressures of promiscuity.  The stories span several generations, concluding with today's.

As a business woman working with countless young women, Kathleene felt saddened by the overwhelming crisis she observed in teen pregnancies and the far-reaching problems it causes:  untold complications, emotionsl scars, intense regret....  But how does one address this sensitive subject without preaching or scolding?

Knowing many teens herself who dated and waited, even today, and knowing that everyone likes a good story, Kathleene decided to write this book to impart the message in an entertaining way.  She is determined in her mission to speak to teens everywhere, encouraging both boys and girls to realize that the decision to abstain is not an out-dated value and that there are, indeed, teens who choose to wait.  

In an attempt to motivate teens to hear this message and to read the book, Kathleene does presentations to teens in schools, youth organizations, churches, and everywhere that she can get teens together.  By establishing rapport early in her presentations, she is able to connect with them and thereby gain their respect and attention as she share snippets from several of the stories.  She then concludes with a vignette written by her 18-year-old granddaughter.  The audience is riveted as they listen to this piece, written in  their own vernacular, of another teen's dating challenges and determination to remain abstinent.
The speaking fees for presentations is determined by the size of the audience.  The purchase of a book for each attendant is included in the speaking fee.  It is of paramount importance to Kathleene that the books are distributed immediately following her presentation, for it is in the reading of the books that the message is best imparted.  And as a former English teacher, Kathleene knows that timing is key; the teens will be more likely to read the book if they can take it home following the presentation.  

And of course, Kathleene is delighted to personally sign each book.
Brides Wearing White
In Attendance:
Up to 30: $300
For each attendee over 30, $10 each, and everyone gets a copy of the book.
For larger groups:
500 - 1000: $5000
1001 - 1500:  $10,000
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